Tetiana Yasnytska



The client applied to the Attorney Group LEGAL CORPORATION with intent to deprive the child’s biological father of the parental rights. Since the father of the child after the dissolution of the marriage was not interested in the life of the common child, he did not take part in his upbringing and support for more than five years. The client also did not know the current place of residence of the child’s biological father. The deprivation of parental rights of the father was necessary the client could process the documents for emigration without the child’s father participation and, as a result, further adoption of the child by the current husband and the departure of the whole family for permanent residence in the United States.


The necessary evidence was promptly collected by attorney for further filing a statement of claim in court for deprivation of parental rights. At the same time, an application was submitted to the guardianship and trusteeship body for the compulsory summons of the father to the meeting, as well as to check the upbringing and development of the child.
As a result, a court decision was obtained to deprive the father of parental rights.


Based on the case results, the attorney proved to the court that the defendant deliberately avoids fulfilling his parental responsibilities and does not take care of the child’s physical and spiritual development, his preparation for an independent life and does not communicate with the child as required for his normal self-awareness. This circumstance negatively affects the psychological and moral development of the child. A court decision was received to satisfy the Client’s claims, which remained unchanged even after the case was considered in the court of appeal. So, then it became possible to adopt the child by the Client’s current husband and go abroad for permanent residence as complete family.