Tetiana Yasnytska



The client applied to the Attorney Group LEGAL CORPORATION with intent to formalize an inheritance for house ownership after his mother’s death. The complexity of such formalization was that the testator during his lifetime had not registered the real estate ownership after one of the owners, by a court decision, had allocated per “unit” and, accordingly, there was a necessity to recalculate the house shares, and only then to registry the house ownership. At the same time, a cadastral number was not assigned to the land plot and there were no accompanying documents of title.


At the end of the statutory period, an application for acceptance of the inheritance by will was drawn up and submitted to the notary’s office. The Bureau of Technical Inventory recalculated the shares of house ownership and regifted a new technical passport, and also assigned a cadastral number to the land plot. Thus, it became possible to register ownership of real estate after the death of the owner, therefore, to formalize an inheritance to the Client.


Based on the results, the attorney provided assistance to the Client in the formalization of the inheritance after the mother’s death as soon as possible, since managed to avoid appealing to the district court with a statement of claim. And this could have extended the resolution of this issue for several years.